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WhatsApp gold 3D

This distinguished application 3d WhatsApp gold Apk download allows you the opportunity to keep cases. All people who use social media have become unable to do without the WhatsApp application. As it is one of the largest and best applications that exist in order to message others and chat. We find that the number of people using the WhatsApp application has reached about one billion and 300 million people around the world.

We find among many applications affiliated with the official WhatsApp is the new WhatsApp 3D application. You can download 3D WhatsApp gold Apk on Android devices. There are many advantages that we will learn about through the following article.

What is WhatsApp 3D APK update?

First: About this rich WhatsApp application

Through this rich WhatsApp application, a person can keep cases and this feature is not present in the official WhatsApp green application . WhatsApp also allows you to read messages after the other person who sent you the message and recently deleted them. This is what you did not find in the official application.The official WhatsApp app allows you to send a video that may reach a size of about 16 megabytes. While we find this rich developer 3d WhatsApp gold allows you to send a video that may be up to 60MB in size.

Second: Update the rich WhatsApp application

There are many updates in the WhatsApp 3D application, which are the following: –

 The new WhatsApp 3D application has added many different emojis that many of its users liked after it has been added to the conversations.

Through the WhatsApp application, you can add stickers as it brings fun through conversations between people, and it has caused a sensation among the users of this awesome WhatsApp application; Because we can make many different stickers.

This wonderful WhatsApp application added the possibility that you can make free calls through the application, whether these calls are audio or video calls.

You can send text messages or website links to any party that is not registered in your mobile phone contacts.

The WhatsApp 3D application also made it possible for you to translate the message that your contacts send to you in many different languages. In order to talk and text chat with others and your friends around the world who are not fluent in your language.

Information about this rich WhatsApp application (table)

Important: Please uninstall any modified version of WhatsApp that you have downloaded before.

Name of the application

NSWhatsApp 3D Colorful.
Android version 4.4 or higher
Application versionv8.95, the latest version, an official version, against the ban.
Application size60 MB after installation
Updated date 9/30/2024-2024.

An introductory overview of the WhatsApp 3D 2024 application

We find this great WhatsApp application that it provides the ban or block service for users, and this makes them able to block numbers that these people do not want to talk to either through chat or through voice or video calls.

Through the 3D WhatsApp gold Apk application, it gives you the opportunity to download cases or stories shown by friends on their WhatsApp.

You can write more than 250 characters and this feature was not available to you in the regular green WhatsApp app, since in it you could not write more than 139 characters.

3D WhatsApp gold Apk enables you to enter the links that your friends publish on their status, and it also gives you the opportunity to know the messages they sent to you and this distinctive feature gives you an opportunity to open the message at the present time or to postpone it later.

You can change the shape of the WhatsApp application icon, and the application also allows you to change the tone of notifications coming to you through this rich WhatsApp application, or you can stop it as well if you wish.

This fabulous WhatsApp application allows you to cancel the sound of notifications coming to you for a period ranging from one day to a year or the period you want in order to avoid notification sounds if they cause you inconvenience.

Moreover, you can stop the notification sound according to only one group.

This rich WhatsApp application activates the auto-reply service through the application.

It provides an automatic reply service to messages sent to you when you are currently busy or unavailable.

This rich WhatsApp application provides the presence of chat bubbles, allowing you to enter the conversation; In a simpler and easier way than before.

This rich WhatsApp application allows the notification bar to appear, where the application informs you of all received notifications.

Through the application, whether it is from messages sent to you or updates via the rich WhatsApp application.

This rich WhatsApp application provides the highest level of privacy across social networking applications. Where the user can hide the last connected date, which is called the last seen. It displays all messages sent to you without the sender’s knowledge. You have read it and you can choose to reply or not reply to the messages I sent you.

WhatsApp 3D application settings for Android 2024

WhatsApp 3D application enable the user to fully control the application. When clicking on the three dots in the upper part across the screen, a menu will appear in the foreground. It includes many options, like that 3D WhatsApp Apk download 2024, which is available to you. Including connecting devices, sending messages to unsaved numbers, automatic replies, and many other features. But the most important item in this list is 3DMods, which features this rich WhatsApp application. The following lines contain its content in detail:

This feature is one of the most prominent and important features of the 3D WhatsApp application. Because it allows you to control many privacy control points, such as hiding the appearance of others, and reading deleted messages. Hide typing and set lock or set password.

This superb WhatsApp application puts you in control of who can contact you. You can change the appearance of the application theme instead of the traditional form of the application. You can delete any old themes that you do not want.

Through this rich WhatsApp application, it is possible to change the appearance of the application. Change the appearance of the icon, change the font shape, and controle things related to backups. And control the color of the application and so on.

The WhatsApp 3D application allows you to control the appearance of the main screen. Where you can control the shape and color of the icon, the position and shape of the top bar, etc. Through this function, you can control the conversation screen and the entire application screen. Such as changing the color and shape of the screen by placing a group of images in it, and hiding the name of the friend you are talking with. You can also show to put a friend’s picture in the conversation and hide your own picture.

Through this feature in the amazing WhatsApp application, you can control the background color, name, and font used in the application. You can also obtain the latest updates for the application, download them as needed, and learn about all the fixes, additions, and updates.

How to download 3D WhatsApp gold latest version 2024

3d WhatsApp gold Apk can be installed like any update. All you have to do is follow the following steps:-

Step 1: You will need to have your chat history backed up on the official green WhatsApp app.

Step 2:- You will uninstall the official WhatsApp app in your Android’s application manager and enable the option to install APK files; From unknown sources in order to install this rich WhatsApp application.

Third Step:- Now visit the information sheet that says 3D WhatsApp on Malavida and save the APK file on your device.

Step 4: After downloading, go to the folder where you saved the download and click on the file to start the installation process.

 Fifth Step:- After the installation is complete, use your mobile phone number to record and resume all your conversations; which you used to do through the regular green WhatsApp application

Frequently asked questions about 3d WhatsApp gold Apk2024

How to hide appearance on WhatsApp 3D?

Run this rich WhatsApp application on your mobile phone. You will see the main application window, click on the three vertical dots at the top of the screen, choose the word NSmods from the many available options, then select Security and Privacy, then select the Hide function (last seen) and do finally activate it and close the app and run it again to save changes and enable hide theme.

What is the way to operate more than one phone number on the same mobile phone?

If you want to run 2 or 3 numbers on the regular green WhatsApp application on the same phone, do this.

Download multiple copies of the modified version of the official WhatsApp app. Where you can keep the official green WhatsApp application and run it with your phone number and use it. But first, run this rich WhatsApp application on the two numbers. Download the red WhatsApp application. Then run it with one number, take the third number, and so on. This way you can operate any number of phone numbers at the same time without any problems.

Does the rich application of provide the security?

The new version of this rich WhatsApp application is very secure and free of viruses. It works on the same server as the WhatsApp application; official, a feature that many other mods lack.

Can this3D WhatsApp application be invaded and banned?

The new rich WhatsApp mod will not be blocked or invaded by anyone because the app is fully encrypted.

Is it possible to take advantage of the hidden features in this 3D WhatsApp application?

Of course, through the WhatsApp application, you can take advantage of the functions of hiding appearance, hiding display status etc.

 Is 3D WhatsApp gold faster than the other green official WhatsApp modules?

One of the most important features of the rich WhatsApp application is its usable speed. It enables you to carry out conversations at an amazing speed, especially when you download the latest version available.

 How do you hide the last seen on this rich WhatsApp application?

 Go to the settings in this rich WhatsApp application, then the word Privacy and Security. You will click on the word Hide last seen and you have to activate the feature. However, you will not be able to know who is calling from your friends on this rich WhatsApp application.

Can you download this rich WhatsApp application for iPhone?

It is not available for downloading and installing this rich WhatsApp application on iPhone. But the developers are working hard to provide this version on iOS.

 Is this rich WhatsApp application legal or not?

This WhatsApp application is an illegal application because it is a modified version of the official green application of WhatsApp. However, but many users preferred it over the original official version.

 What are the features in updating this rich WhatsApp application?

WhatsApp 3D has many anti-ban features.

This rich WhatsApp application has an automatic reply feature known as an automatic response.

This rich WhatsApp application can set an appointment for your message and you can update the application quickly.

You can customize the interface for several new styles and options like bubbles for conversations and chats, panels for notifications, and icons.

The WhatsApp application has many features that hide your internet status, as well as the blue double check.

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