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APP NameWhatsApp Gold PLus
Version34.00 (Official Version)
Android Requirement4.1+
Updated On2 Hours Ago

Golden WhatsApp Is the Finest Application Designed to Customize Your WhatsApp Experience in Its Entirety. Gold WhatsApp Official Site – Goldenwha.com offers a streamlined and customized messaging experience via the WhatsApp Gold App.

WhatsApp Gold Plus

Gold WhatsApp APK

With over 10 million downloads, Gold WhatsApp Plus is the industry leader in WhatsApp Mods and is becoming increasingly well-known. This app has many extra features that aren’t in any other version. You can customize WhatsApp Gold APK further with additional privacy, settings, and personalization options. In addition to offering additional security and safety features, Gold WhatsApp allows you to get the Gold APK for free from Goldenwha.com. You have dozens of options to make finishing your task simple. What are you waiting for? Get the Gold APK for WhatsApp right now! 

Greetings to all! Do you continue to use the same WhatsApp account? Do you want to be more productive and skilled? Are you curious about the Gold WhatsApp Apk? If so, you will find this essay to be of great assistance. You are currently onGoldenwha.com, the official WhatsApp Gold website. We will provide a download and installation method for the Gold WhatsApp Apk and all the specific information. If you’re unfamiliar with Gold WhatsApp, don’t worry; we’ll answer all your questions in this post. Also, please don’t skip any of it; otherwise, it will become confusing. 

About Gold WhatsApp

About whatsApp gold plus

Contrary to popular belief, Gold WhatsApp is not a regular WhatsApp MOD. WhatsApp Gold is a remarkable application with incredible features and customization capabilities. There are no other apps with as many incredible features as this one. It’s an incredible feature set. This is a result of Gold WhatsApp users taking off quickly. This software has a few more quickly supported and freely available functions. Direct access to Gold WhatsApp’s most recent updates is available atGoldenwha.com. 

A Brief Summary Of WhatsApp APK

It’s crucial to have a fundamental understanding of WhatsApp apk before continuing. Thus, WhatsApp is one of the most widely used social media applications for communication and chatting. With the help of this software, you can communicate digitally with others. Other benefits include status updates, phoning, instant messaging, and much more. The new user can readily comprehend WhatsApp because of its basic user interface. We’ll share an advanced WhatsApp version in this article that gives you the best possible user experience. 

Is Using the Gold WhatsApp Apk Safe? 


People don’t trust third-party programs, so it’s wise to have some protection before downloading them. This question is the most frequently asked of us. Many third-party sources are used to disseminate Gold WhatsApp, which frequently spreads phony apps in these situations. As a result, we have provided the official Goldenwha.com website for download, where you can get all the details about Gold WhatsApp in one location. If you obtain Gold WhatsApp from our official page, it will be safe to use; many fraudulent websites have the potential to damage your smartphone. Therefore, please only download it from this link; it is safe and free.

Whatsapp gold privacy

How To Download Gold WhatsApp APK For Free?

Do you have trouble downloading the WhatsApp Gold Apk? Then this is your greatest option. In this post, we’ve included a direct download link for Gold WhatsApp. This program is immediately available for download fromGoldenwha.com’s official website. You will also find a lot of easy-to-use premium features in this app. Also, we have included all the information regarding the WhatsApp Gold apk. To get more accustomed to WA Gold Apk, read this article. 

Gold WhatsApp Download

Amazing Features of the Gold WhatsApp Apk 

With thousands of incredible features and benefits, Gold is the best WhatsApp app available. We have provided all of the incredible features of WhatsApp Gold APK, along with clear explanations for optimal usage. Simply go over all the features to start reaping the rewards. 

  1. Use Multiple Accounts 
  2. Activate Auto Reply 
  3. Amazing Feel & Animation 
  4. Go Offline In Once Click
  5. Schedule a message. 
  6. Unique Groups & Community Page 
  7. sending messages in bulk 
  8. Direct Message To A Number 
  9. Unique Privacy Selections 
  10. Turn Off the Forward Tag 
  11. Select Your Callers 
  12. Anti View After Sending 
  13. A Stronger App Lock 
  14. Unique Gold WA Theme Shop 
  15. Adaptable Color Options
multiple accounts feature in whatsapp gold

You may be aware that WhatsApp only permits the usage of one account. Switching between accounts—like Facebook and Instagram—is not possible. However, we have included this feature for our consumers. You can now utilize numerous accounts with ease in WhatsApp Gold Apk. We’ve also included a tool that makes it simple to move between various accounts. 

Would you like the message to be automatically replied to? Then you should use this functionality. We have provided the WhatsApp gold apk with you onGoldenwha.com. With this software, you may quickly respond to anyone and set up an auto-reply. You can configure the input message to be delivered along with its reply, meaning that your reply will be sent at the same time as the message. You should give this feature a try because it’s really useful. 

auto reply feature in whatsapp gold
amazing animation and feel feature in whatsapp gold

What separates regular WhatsApp from WhatsApp Gold is this. We have added additional animations and emotions to Gold WhatsApp so you will like using it. The novel flip animation sensation will appeal to you, and these items are also customizable. Numerous more aspects are readily adjustable and customizable. Simply navigate to the Gold Wa settings page and review the available modification options. 

How long do you wait on WhatsApp? If you only turn off your data while you’re offline, this option is for you. You can go offline without disconnecting your data by using the unique offline mode included in a gold apk. To limit the message, Do Not Distrib features are also available. By utilizing these capabilities, you will be able to concentrate on other essential matters. 

offline feature in whatsapp gold
special groups and community tabs feature in whatsapp gold plus

With gold WhatsApp’s new features, managing your chats—especially groups and communities—is now more convenient. This feature has created two new tabs for these purposes to provide daily updates on groups and communities without interfering with the conversation section. You can save time and effort by making use of these unique tabs. 

If you just send messages to a certain group of contacts, you should check out Gold WhatsApp’s mass messaging capabilities. With the use of this function, you may send messages to your contacts in bulk without having to go through the hassle of spending time sending individual messages. Simply type your message to the chosen contacts, and it will be delivered immediately. Please make responsible use of this tool; abusing it by sending unsolicited messages could result in the banning of your accounts. 

mass message sending fetaure in whatsapp gold plus
message a number directly in whatsapp gold plus

If you’ve used WhatsApp before, you may be aware that you can’t send messages to others without first preserving their contact information. However, we frequently don’t desire to keep a fleeting conversation. Because you can now message numbers with ease when using Gold WhatsApp. We have added the ability to message a number without having it saved on your device in the settings tab. 

It’s critical to have privacy in this online age. WhatsApp can potentially exploit your data, but you can now increase security and safety by utilizing WhatsApp Gold. There are a lot of features in this edition to protect your privacy. You have the option to hide activity settings, your last seen, pick which contacts can call you, and much more. What are you waiting for? Download the WhatsApp Gold APK immediately and start using it to achieve the maximum potential. 

speicial privacy options in whatsapp gold plus

Are you aware that WhatsApp displays a “Forwarded tag” when you send a message to two or more contacts? Your message now appears phony or spammy due to these tags. We have included a mechanism to disable the forwarded tag in order to address this issue. By going to the Gold WhatsApp settings panel and searching for privacy and policy settings, you can quickly disable these tags using WA gold. You can simply turn on the option to disable the forwarded tag in this. 

Are you aware of how con artists use WhatsApp calls to defraud you? We’ve added some incredible features to improve your safety. You may control who can and cannot call you by using this feature. You can block calls from folks you don’t wish to receive and increase safety in this way. Additionally, this capability allows you to display personalized messages to callers, keeping them unaware that you have banned them. 

choose your caller feature in whatsapp gold

If you are familiar with a fresh point of view, once. You can use this tool to send a one-time message, which will be permanently removed after it has been viewed. However, after learning about its drawbacks, we implemented an anti-view feature to safeguard user privacy. You may effortlessly watch and view messages as often as you’d like with this tool. Start using the Gold WhatsApp APK right away; there won’t be any limitations. 

Do you encrypt your WhatsApp conversations with an external app lock? Then you might make a lot of mistakes. We have applied a built-in app lock for you because some apps aren’t functioning properly. With the help of this app lock, which is incredibly strong and responsive, you can quickly safeguard your WhatsApp account. 

WA modifications are popular because of their incredible features and themes—more gorgeous theme possibilities can be found in the Gold WhatsApp Apk. These themes diverge from the standard MOD editions. Any appealing theme you like can be chosen with ease. Since we have released all of the themes for free, you won’t have to pay a dime for anything. To begin using WhatsApp Gold Apk, simply download it on your device. 

With thousands of customization options, WhatsApp Gold allows you to quickly change the sections, colors, themes, and fonts. Each section’s color choices can all be justified. With Gold WhatsApp, you are guaranteed the best possible user experience. Among many other settings, there are conversion screen settings and universal settings. Simply launch the WhatsApp Gold settings window, then navigate to the color selections of your choosing. 

Top Pros & Cons Of The Gold WhatsApp Apk 

WhatsApp has advantages and disadvantages, just like anything else. It’s a good idea to be aware of the software before using it. There are numerous benefits and drawbacks, but we will just discuss the most significant ones here. Thus, follow along with us and don’t miss a word of this post. 


  1. Thousands of customization: WhatsApp Gold surpasses all other options in terms of customization. The interface of this app is completely changeable, 
  2. Ultimate WA Mod: Although numerous WhatsApp mods are available, the WhatsApp Gold APK offers all the best features and customizations in one convenient location. 
  3. More Safe & Secure: Gold WhatsApp offers more features and safety options because it is safer and more secure than the regular version. For example, chat lock, app lock, blue tick settings, and more. 
  4. Discover incredible features: WhatsApp Gold boasts limitless capabilities, making it the most feature-rich app you’ve ever used. You can also take advantage of many special features at no cost. 

How To Download the Gold WhatsApp APK on My PC? 

If the answer is yes, you’re in the right place if you want to utilize the Gold WhatsApp APK on your PC. For Goldenwha.com to compile to Windows and allow you just to follow a few easy features, we have to create it to function on all operating systems. After you finish them, you may begin using the Gold WhatsApp APK. 

  1. You must first download WhatsApp Gold Apk to your computer. 
  2. Next, use Google to look for an Android emulator for your PC’s operating system (OS name). Download any of the top emulators that are now accessible. 
  3. Once the download is finished, install the emulator on your computer. 
  4. Install the WhatsApp Gold APK in the Android emulator when it has opened. 
  5. That’s all; you can now use the Gold WhatsApp APK to start using it for nothing. 

Installing the Gold WhatsApp Apk ___ Step By Step Guide

It is quite simple to install Gold WhatsApp; no technical experience is required. For every one of our esteemed users, we have included a comprehensive installation guide. Simply do as instructed and adhere to each step. Please let us know about any difficulties or problems you are having in the comments box, and one of our professionals will get in touch with you. 

Step 1. To begin with, you must download the Gold WhatsApp APK from Goldenwha to your device. Download the app, dev. 

Step 2. Next, locate the Gold WhatsApp APK that we just downloaded in your file manager and click on it. 

Step 3. When installing an APK for the first time, a new window requesting permission for “Unknown Sources” will appear; please accept. This step should be skipped if you have already completed these steps. 

Section 4. Next, select the “Install” option and give the installation some time. 

Step 5. Simply open the Gold WhatsApp APK after it has finished installing it to begin using it. 

How Can I Get My WhatsApp Gold APK Chats Back? 

The most frequent query we receive regarding the WhatsApp Gold APK is from users who are unsure of how to retrieve their chat history. However, it’s incredibly simple to perform and only requires a few simple steps. Simply follow the instructions we’ve provided below. 

Go to your WhatsApp settings first, then back up your chat data on Google Drive. 

After that, access the official Gold WhatsApp APK download page atGoldenwha.com. 

Install WhatsApp Gold APK on your smartphone after downloading it. You can use our installation guide as a guide. 

Afterward, proceed with the installation; Gold WhatsApp will prompt you to restore your backup. Thus, choose your G Drive account and the restore option. 

You may enjoy using the WhatsApp Gold APK on your device after your chat restore is complete. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which is the official WhatsApp Gold Apk download website? 

A: The official website to download the Gold WhatsApp Apk for free is Goldenwha.com, if you’re looking for the official version of this software. This app, complete with safety and security measures, is available for download. 

Q: Which Android version is the minimum needed to install Gold WA Apk? 

A: You will need Android version 5.1 and more to install and use Gold WhatsApp on your Android devices.

Q: Does using Gold WhatsApp require rooting my device? 

A: No, WhatsApp Gold is the same as other APKs; it’s a safe app because you will never need any root access for it.

Q: Is using WhatsApp Gold safe? 

A: Yes, using Gold WhatsApp Apk is safe, but please download it from Goldenwha.com only. It’s the official website. If you download it from other websites, it can be risky.

Final Conclusion

We have answered all of your questions regarding WhatsApp Gold APK in this post, which also includes instructions for first-time users on how to install and download the app. Since this is the official Gold WhatsApp website, you can download Gold WhatsApp for free from this page. Simply press the “Download” button and give it some time. We will get back to you shortly, so please tell all of your friends and family about this article so they may also enjoy using the Gold WhatsApp APK. 

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