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Golden WhatsApp Apk is developed with additional features and benefits to users. Download the latest version of WhatsApp Gold Apk on Android to make communication easier and faster and to avail all the enhanced features, security, and customization options it offers. Golden WhatsApp is at the top of the list among all other modified versions of the official WhatsApp that was launched in 2009.

So, if you are looking for more privacy control over the chat settings with an added layer of security and the ability to customize themes, Golden WhatsApp mod Apk is the perfect choice for you. It is free of cost and works well with all kinds of devices like Android, iOS, and PC, but in this article, we shall guide you on how to download the latest version, 2024, of Golden WhatsApp on your Android devices.

File Name      WhatsApp gold Apk
Version 10.65
File Size         64Mb
 License       Freeware 

What is Golden WhatsApp Apk?

Golden WhatsApp (also called WhatsApp Gold Apk) is the modified version of the official WhatsApp for Android users. It is not available on the Play Store. You can download it through a third-party link, which is provided below. This version provides extra functions and features than the original WhatsApp, such as customizing the app’s user interface by changing the themes, icons, fonts, colors, etc. Its built-in privacy feature allows hiding the online status, last seen, blue tick, and even profile picture.

Moreover, it can recover deleted messages, unlike the official WhatsApp, and also send large media files in one go. There are many more properties in WhatsApp Gold that are explained in detail below, so keep reading to find more.

WhatsApp Gold Exclusive Features

The latest version of WhatsApp Gold offers a lot of amazing features, and it is impossible to cover all of them in one article. However, we have tried to sum up some of its prominent features below to help you understand how it works and why you should choose it above many other WhatsApp mods.

Status Features in Golden WhatsApp

Hide view status: In the original WhatsApp, it is shown to them when you view the status from your contacts. But WhatsApp Gold allows you to hide it from your contacts that you have seen their status. It means you still see the status but they wouldn’t know it.

Anti-delete status: When any of your contacts delete his/her status or story, it will not be deleted for you. You will still be able to see it.

  Hide download status button: This great feature allows you to hide the download status button. Your contacts wouldn’t be able to download your status.

Send voice notes in status: This amazing feature lets you record and send a voice note as your status.

Send video longer than 30 seconds: The gold Apk latest version has a “split long videos” feature. This unique feature splits videos longer than 30 seconds into multiple sections to be played consecutively on your status.  

Disable auto-playing next status: When a contact uploads multiple statuses, you can stop the auto-play next status by turning it off. You will still be able to see the next status by manually clicking on it.

Status features in WhatsApp gold for android

CHATS options in Golden WhatsApp

Anti-delete messages: If your contact deletes any message sent to you, it will get deleted only from his/her chat page and not from yours. No more curiosity now as to what was deleted.

Show blue ticks after reply: When you receive a message and read it, the blue tick won’t be shown to the sender until you reply to it. What a relief from the taunts of your friends for not replying to them the moment you saw the message!

Remove Read More: This unique feature removes the Read More…button and automatically opens the message when you receive a message with many characters.

Message auto-reply: You can set an auto-reply to the messages when you are busy so your contacts know that you will get to them as soon as you are free.

Message scheduler: Allows you to set a specific time and date for a message to be sent to a specific contact. This is a very useful feature for events like birthdays, festivals, etc.

Chat in any language: A wonderful feature that translates your text into any language you want. You just type in and select the language in which you want to translate it.

Chat features in WhatsApp gold for android

PRIVACY settings in WhatsApp gold

Hide typing/recording: This great feature lets you hide the typing or recording status in the chat when you type a text or record a voice message.

Freeze last seen: By turning it on, you can freeze the time at your last seen status.

Disable forwarded: You can forward a message without showing the Forwarded tag.

Airplane mode: This is an exclusive feature of WhatsApp Gold which disconnects only the Golden WhatsApp from the internet while your device stays connected. It is indeed beneficial when you don’t want to receive any audio/video calls or messages while using your phone.

WhatsApp lock: This feature provides extra security to your chats by locking WhatsApp through fingerprint, pattern, or pin. You can also secure any specific conversation by putting a lock on it.

Privacy features in WhatsApp gold for android

Media features

Multi-format files: Golden WhatsApp can send multiple files like PDF, EXCEL, APK, and DOCS.

High-resolution images and videos: We often notice that the quality and resolution of images and videos aren’t the same when sent through official WhatsApp. But golden WhatsApp sends images and videos in high definition without compromising on their quality. 

Save view once media: When you receive a photo or video, it disappears from the chat after opening, but in Golden WhatsApp, you can download it and view it multiple times.

Media features in WhatsApp gold for android

Themes options

There are about 4,000 themes with different genres ranging from light to dark colors in Gold WhatsApp. Search for your desired theme in the themes store, and it will show up. You can always reset back to the original theme of WhatsApp. You can even save your favorite themes so that you don’t have to search for them every time.

Themes in WhatsApp gold for android

How to Download WhatsApp Gold Apk on Android

Golden WhatsApp is designed to work with all Android versions conveniently, so there are no other specific system requirements. Follow these simple steps below to download and install WhatsApp Gold on your Android devices successfully.

1.     Make sure your phone is connected to the internet.

2.     Click on the download button provided below to start downloading.

3.     It will take a few seconds to be downloaded.

4.     After the App is downloaded, go to phone settings> security> unknown sources. (on some versions, it will be unknown apps)

5.     Enable unknown sources (or apps).

6.     Now go to your downloads.

7.     Select WhatsApp gold Apk and click on it.

8.     Click on the “Install” button.

9.     It will be installed in a few seconds.

10.  After installation, click on the “Finish” button.

11.  The Golden WhatsApp will appear on your home screen.

12.   Open the app, and click on “agree and continue”.

13.  Now, enter your phone number according to your country and verify it by the activation code sent to you in messages.

14.  CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have successfully installed Golden WhatsApp on your phone.

15.  Explore it and take your chatting experience to a new level!

A visual guide to downloading WhatsApp gold Apk on android

Comparative Analysis with Other Mods and Official WhatsApp

Unlike standard WhatsApp, Golden WhatsApp introduces features such as advanced privacy controls, theme customization, and improved media-sharing capabilities. Compared to other mods like GBWhatsApp or YoWhatsApp, it offers a more refined user interface and security settings. We also compare it to the official WhatsApp, highlighting Golden WhatsApp’s additional functionalities and user-centric design.


After discussing the features and qualities of Golden WhatsApp in detail, we get to know the reasons behind its popularity and attraction among users. It is very hard for one to restrain himself/herself from using the mod version of WhatsApp, offering so many tempting options in a single messaging app. But it is very important to know that Golden WhatsApp Mod Apk isn’t available on the official app stores, and you can download it through a third-party link only so there’s always a high risk of links containing malware and adware. We recommend downloading any app for Android from the Play Store only, but if you still want to install WhatsApp Gold Apk, do it at your own liability.


Does it provide chat backup like official WhatsApp?

Yes, it does have a chat backup feature in its privacy settings.

Is it safe to download Golden WhatsApp on my phone?

Golden WhatsApp provides its own security settings within the app. You can lock the app with fingerprints, patterns, or pins. You can also set a password for a specific chat. However, as mentioned before, this is a third-party app and a modified version of WhatsApp, and mods Apk may contain links with malware.  

Is Golden WhatsApp available for iPhone?

Yes, it is available for iPhone users as well. Download Golden WhatsApp for iPhone now.

Can we use it with official WhatsApp on the same device?

Yes, you can use both Golden WhatsApp and official WhatsApp on the same device, unlike the other mod versions of WhatsApp.