whatsapp banned my number

WhatsApp banned my number solution

WhatsApp as an official and authorized company takes extra care for its copyrights and private policy and therefore doesn’t allow any illegal copies of their app such as WhatsApp gold, gb WhatsApp, or WhatsApp plus. These modified versions are unofficial and WhatsApp doesn’t approve them. The users of these WhatsApp mods violate the WhatsApp company policy and WhatsApp reserves the right to put ban on these accounts.

It is mandatory to use the app responsibly and adhere to its guidelines in order to avoid getting ban from WhatsApp. In this article we’ll discuss the factors that play a role into getting a ban from WhatsApp and how to reactivate a banned account.

WhatsApp banned my number

WhatsApp puts a ban on your account if you violate its policies or rules. Bans can be temporary or permanent and are happen due to different reasons like sending spam messaging, using third party apps (mod apk) that are against WhatsApp policies or attempting to hack or exploit the app’s security features.

What are the types of WhatsApp ban?

There are two types of bans that WhatsApp imposes, temporary and permanent. Let’s explore them further.

Temporary WhatsApp account ban and solution

temporary banned whatsapp

Temporary ban occurs when a user breaks the WhatsApp policies once in a while and it lasts for anywhere from few hours to few days. In temporary ban, a countdown timer appears on your screen disabling your account from using it anymore till the timer ends.

 If you get into this situation, the best thing to do is sitting back and wait for the timer to end. Once the timer ends, WhatsApp automatically restores your account. However, take the following measures to save data in your WhatsApp gold apk account. Because you’ll need to delete this modified version in order to gain the trust of the official WhatsApp app.

1: Backup your data in Golden WhatsApp app. Simply go to the app, click on “backup”, and select “Backup your data”. The app will create a folder of your data on your phone.

2: Update the app with the latest anti-ban version and open the app, it will prompt you to restore your chats and data. Simply confirm the message to proceed.

Moreover, we recommend you to delete the mod versions of WhatsApp for some time and switch to the official WhatsApp to avoid getting banned again. To do so, you can download the official version of WhatsApp from the Google Pay Store. Taking on further prevention measures, it is wise to avoid forwarding or spamming messages to multiple people at once if you want to continue using the WhatsApp gold or any other WhatsApp mod apk. It can lead to temporary or even permanent ban to WhatsApp.

Permanently banned WhatsApp and solution

Permanent bans are irreversible because WhatsApp disables your account permanently and you can’t recover it. Permanent ban is applied when a user continuously violates the WhatsApp policies and ignores all the warnings like temporary bans. You will have to create a new account with a new number to get WhatsApp access again. There’s, however, still an option for you to connect the WhatsApp support system through their support page and send them an email if you want to recover your lost account.

Send an email to WhatsApp support team at this address [email protected].

permanently banned whatsapp

Here’s how to write an efficient email to request the restoration of your permanently banned account.

Dear support team of WhatsApp,

I’m reaching out to you because my account has been permanently banned. I’m unaware of the reasons that led to this action and seek your assistance to restore my account access. As a long term WhatsApp user, I rely on the platform to keep in touch with my loved ones.

If I have unintentionally violated the terms and conditions of WhatsApp, please let me know so that I can fix the fault promptly. I’ll be grateful if you approve my case for review and help me in restoring my account. My phone number is listed below for your reference.

(write your phone number)

Thank you for taking time to consider my request.

Best regards,

When does WhatsApp ban the accounts?

There are several reasons why WhatsApp ban the accounts, which include:

1.     Spamming: Sending a large number of unwanted messages to multiple recipients in a short period of time.

2.     Inappropriate Content: Sending offensive or inappropriate messages, images, or videos that violate WhatsApp’s community guidelines.

3.     Using unofficial apps: Using unofficial or third-party apps like mod apks as they violate WhatsApp’s policies and compromise the security of the app.

4.     Hacking the app: Attempting to hack or manipulate the app’s security features can result in a permanent ban.

5.     Creating multiple accounts: Creating multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same device or on the same phone number for several accounts can lead to a ban.

 How to avoid getting banned again?

So it is important to use the app responsibly to avoid getting banned from WhatsApp again, and follow the guidelines set by WhatsApp. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

1.     Use the app wisely: Avoid sending inappropriate or offensive messages, spamming other users.

2.     Limit your messaging: Avoid sending too many messages at once or to too many recipients. This can trigger WhatsApp’s spam filters and lead to a ban.

3.     Disable message forwarding: Avoid forwarding messages to multiple users or groups at once.

WhatsApp banned my number solution

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