WhatsApp estilo iphone for android is available now and you can change the design of WhatsApp Android to that of WhatsApp estilo iPhone.

WhatsApp estilo iPhone for android 2024 Apk

There are many who want to have iPhone-style WhatsApp for Android, well let us tell you that this is possible. WhatsApp estilo iphone for android is available now and you can change the design of WhatsApp Android to that of WhatsApp estilo iPhone.

That being said, now you can modify the style of Android WhatsApp to the iOS WhatsApp theme and you will be able to use the emojis that are available in the iOS system. You can also access various settings that are only available for iPhones.

Currently, there are different methods to modify WhatsApp, I will show you the one that works best. This method works on different versions of Android, in addition to the fact that it works on brands such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Poco, among many others.

WhatsApp Mods

As we mentioned before, you can use different methods to modify WhatsApp. Among the best methods, there is the use of a Mod to be able to change the design to that of an iPhone.

whatsapp estilo iphone for android

What is a Mod?

A mod is the modification of an existing application, in most cases, they change the design. In addition to adding more tools, the user has a better experience.

 These Mods are developed by independent programmers, none of them is related to the company that develops the original app.

The mod that we will use to have iPhone-style WhatsApp is Fouad WhatsApp iOS. With this application, we can have the WhatsApp that iPhone users have including the use of the iPhone emojis.

Download WhatsApp iPhone for Android APK

In order to have your iPhone-style WhatsApp on an Android device, you just have to install the modified application. The application constantly has updates and modifications, to correct errors or continue adding improvements.

Download WhatsApp estilo iPhone

Carrying out this process is very simple, follow the following steps.

 Make a backup of your WhatsApp account.

The first thing would be to download the APK.

Install the application, it will show you a notice to activate the unknown functions, click accept or disable it in the settings.

Sign in with your account.

Download the backup to have all your conversations and contacts.

You can also change the default theme color, there are two main themes, black and white color. You can download them at these links.

Fouad WhatsApp iOS application information, the most recent version is 9.63, and it weighs 61 MB, the application was released in 2018. We will try to keep the application updated, and download the latest version of iPhone-style WhatsApp.

 Previous versions of WhatsApp iOS

If you are interested in any of the previous versions you can find them in the following link previous versions of WhatsApp iOS.

WhatsApp estilo iPhone 9.63 APK: WhatsApp iOS |MBWA iOS

White Theme: Download – Servidor 2

Dark Theme: Download – Servidor 2

iPhone style WhatsApp details

NameFouad WhatsApp iOS
Last updated April 2, 2024
Size 61 MB
CompatibilityAndroid 4.4 onwards

Update WhatsApp iPhone for Android

If you want to update iPhone-style WhatsApp to the latest version of 2024, you can do it in many ways. we shall show you the best way to update it, without losing your chats or contacts.

 To start, go to WhatsApp iOS settings, click on the three dots, two options will open, click on settings. Once in the application settings go to the Chats option, now click on backup chats, click on the save button.

 These steps are for security to avoid losing WhatsApp files, after having the backup, we can update the application. To start, download the latest version of WhatsApp iPhone.

Once the file has been downloaded, click on it, a window will open asking if you want to update or install. These options may vary depending on your device. Click on update, it will begin to update.

After the process has finished, you will be able to use your account without problems, but your files do not appear restored with the backup.

Note: If when trying to update to the new version and you get the error “The application was not installed”. You need to uninstall the app and install the new version, remember to create a backup.

For people who are using version 8.93F or lower, it is necessary to make a backup and uninstall the app, to install the new version. If you have version 8.95 or higher, you will only have to update the app as normal.

Features of Fouad’s WhatsApp

Ability to send up to 50 MB instead of 16 MB.

Send up to 90 images at the same time.

Write up to 250 characters instead of 139.

Schedule automatic messages to be sent at a set date and time.

Hide some conversations, you can put a password to prevent them from seeing them.

Being able to download the Stories of the users.

They include Emojis from the iOS system.

Translate conversations, includes a translator.

Allows you to block the sending of audio.

Download different themes to change the interface of the application.

Download user profile pictures.

These are some of the features that stand out the most, remember that there are always new updates for the application. Make backup copies every time you update or install a new version on your device, to avoid data loss.

What’s new in version 9.63?

Find out what are the new features that come with the latest version 9.63, some bugs from the previous version were also fixed.

The user interface was redesigned in the iOS style.

Added a list of hundreds of themes that you can download from the app.

Now you can use two accounts on the same device.

Now you can see the status from the home screen.

Change the animations of big hearts.

Added an option to block screenshots on your device.

Added the ability to add polls in chats.

Quick actions menu which includes:

Change theme color from light to dark without losing layout

Create scheduled messages faster

Add an automatic reply

Turn airplane mode on or off

Turn the hide last seen feature on or off

Fixed issue where the state does not stop when opening the download dialog.

Fixed force close on Android 8, some devices are still affected.

Added an option to resize titles

Fixed issues that appeared in version 9.54F2.

Frequently asked questions

 Is it possible to use iOS WhatsApp on an Android device?

Absolutely. There is an iOS version of WhatsApp that is compatible with Android. Although it is not the official version, it is very similar to the iPhone version of WhatsApp and you can easily download it on an Android device.

How to get iOS font on WhatsApp Android?

You can obtain the iOS font for WhatsApp on Android by downloading either MB WhatsApp or Fouad WhatsApp iOS APK, as both of these versions come with the iOS font pre-installed. So, there is no need for any additional steps or adjustments. Simply use either of these versions to enjoy the iOS font on your WhatsApp for Android.

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