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GBWhatsApp Pro APK v17.51(Official) Latest Version 2024 [Anti-Ban]

GBWhatsApp Pro: When it comes to using your favorite instant messaging service, WhatsApp, do you prefer sticking to its standard white interface or having the freedom to personalize it with a multicolor theme? If customization is your priority, then GBWhatsApp Pro is the perfect choice for you. This brand-new modified version of WhatsApp has emerged after the services of GBWhatsApp were discontinued.

While WhatsApp itself is a popular messaging platform, it goes beyond just delivering messages; it offers a unique and exceptional experience. According to Forbes, an astonishing 69 million messages are sent through WhatsApp every minute.

One of the key advantages of GBWhatsApp Pro is its ability to provide a more intelligent interface, enhanced privacy and security features, as well as extensive personalization and automation options. While these features are not readily available in the official WhatsApp version, GBWhatsApp makes it possible for you to enjoy a truly tailored messaging experience.

GBWhatsApp Pro
Download GBWhatsApp Pro

This free modified version of WhatsApp fully leverages the messaging servers and is compatible with all Android smartphones. If you enjoy customizing your messaging interface with creative tweaks, GBWhatsApp Pro for Android offers you an array of options to transform your messaging app into a professional and personalized space.

In addition to its customization capabilities, GBWhatsApp Pro boasts a range of features that are comparable to other popular modified WhatsApp versions such as Yo WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, Golden WhatsApp, and OG WhatsApp.

In our comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the installation process on your Android phone and help you make the most of this feature-rich WhatsApp solution. Embrace the possibilities of a personalized messaging experience with GBWhatsApp Pro for Android.

What is GBWhatsApp Pro?

In the fast-paced world of instant messaging, sometimes using the standard WhatsApp can feel a bit mundane. But fear not! There’s a beautiful way out of that dullness – Modifications. Back in 2016, when WhatsApp accidentally revealed its underlying resource files and server codes, it opened the door for brilliant third-party developers to create modified versions of the app. One of the most well-known ones you’ve probably heard of recently is GBWhatsApp – and yes, it’s real!

Let’s dive into some intriguing statistics from January 2022: WhatsApp had reached a staggering 2 billion overall online users, making it a true powerhouse in the messaging world. It left its nearest competitor, WeChat, trailing by a whopping 40%. But amid this domination, the charm of MODs is irresistible. GB WhatsApp, in particular, caught everyone’s attention, thanks to the clever developer named Omar Was.

Omar Was is the same genius who initiated the journey of WhatsApp modifications and even founded GBApkPro.com. However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing for GB WhatsApp, as the official WhatsApp team put in considerable effort to counter the use of Mods, leading to some server disruptions.

Now, picture this: you can either stick to your regular cup of tea with the official WhatsApp version, or you can step into a whole new era of messaging with GB WhatsApp Pro. It’s one of the most sophisticated WhatsApp mods out there, offering exclusive in-WhatsApp privileges that you can’t find on the official servers. If you’ve fallen in love with the original GB WhatsApp and still reminisce about the best moments you had with it, the Pro version is bound to leave an even more lasting impact!

So, why not give GB WhatsApp Pro a try? It’s like a breath of fresh air, injecting new life and excitement into your messaging experience. Embrace the joy of customization and discover a whole world of possibilities with GB WhatsApp Pro!

Why to Choose GBWhatsApp Pro?

According to a report by Forbes, India stands out as the leading hub of WhatsApp activity, boasting an impressive 390.1 million users in 2020. This massive user base reflects India’s position as a highly creative country, and it’s no surprise that many compelling reasons will captivate you into considering the download and installation of GBWhatsApp Pro for Android.

When you use GB WhatsApp, you’ll experience sensations like “Appgasm” or “Chatgasm” – a unique feeling that comes from the unparalleled features and possibilities this modified app offers.

Despite fierce competition in the online app markets, GB WhatsApp Pro shines brightly even when compared to the official WhatsApp. All due to its amazing features that will leave you daydreaming with excitement:

GB WhatsApp Pro Vs Official WhatsApp

When it comes to messaging apps, the distinctions between the official WhatsApp developed by Meta and the third-party creation, GBWhatsApp Pro, are nothing short of awe-inspiring. Prepare to be amazed as we take you on a journey of discovery, showcasing the exciting additional features that set GBWhatsApp Pro apart.

FeaturesWhatsAppGBWhatsApp Pro
Direct Messages
File Sending Limit100 MB999 MB
Themes Store
Forwarding Limit5 ChatsUnlimited Chats
Security Lock
Downloading Status
Status Length139255
Bulk Messaging
Icon Change
Custom Fonts
Freezing Last Seen
Hiding Blue Ticks
Double Tick
Typing Status
DND Mode
Emoji Variants
Always Online
Hide Media From Gallery
Send Web Images Directly
Multi App Language Support
Send Images in Full Resolution


GBWhatsApp Pro is like a never-ending circle of inspiration, continuously enriching your instant messaging experience with an endless array of features. If you’re curious about the key features that will instantly captivate you, they are all listed below:

For all customization freaks seeking to personalize WhatsApp Messaging, GBWhatsApp Pro offers thousands of predesigned themes and hundreds of free customization features.

DND mode in GBwhatsapp pro

You’ll be delighted to explore this exceptional feature in your soon-to-be favorite WhatsApp Mod, GBWhatsApp Pro. It grants you the ability to disable the internet specifically for WhatsApp, ensuring no further notifications during the desired timeframe.

With GBWhatsApp Pro’s WhatsApp logs, there’s no need to track or stalk any profile on WhatsApp anymore. These logs provide you with comprehensive details, such as when one of your contacts with (XXXX) as the last four numbers has updated their username, profile picture, or bio.

In this AI-driven era, automation is gaining significant importance, and this mod version allows you to automate your messaging experience through the convenient Auto Reply settings.

Now, you can easily schedule messages for events, birthdays, business days, and other important occasions. With GBWhatsApp Pro, there’s no need to remember all the dates; simply schedule your messages and enjoy the convenience and simplicity it offers!

Additionally, this Mod comes equipped with a built-in app lock feature. By simply tapping on the WhatsApp text located in the top-left corner, you can select from a range of security options, including Pattern, PIN, or Fingerprint authentication.

Other Features of GBWhatsApp Pro

Wait! the features list is incomplete yet. There is more to it than the above mentioned features. Let’s see what are the other features of GBWhatsApp Pro below!

Privacy Enhancing: GBWhatsApp Pro enhances privacy, allowing you to feel completely secure and confidential. Enable privacy features in the GB Settings menu to hide your online status, blue ticks, double ticks, and status seen name. It’s a convenient privilege, and we offer a walkthrough guide to help you activate these privacy settings.

Send message without saving the contact number: With GBWhatsApp Pro, you no longer need to save new numbers on your phonebook before messaging them on WhatsApp. Send messages directly to a number without the hassle of saving it first. Simplify your life!

Download Status Videos: No need to be annoyed by repeatedly asking for your friend’s status videos. GBWhatsApp Pro has you covered with the ability to download any contact’s status, whether it’s an image, video, or caption (by copying the caption). Enjoy the convenience of accessing status content hassle-free!

Convenient Dark Mode: The convenience of Dark Mode in GBWhatsApp Pro lies in a simple icon on the home screen. Click it to effortlessly switch the app’s interface from light mode to dark mode and vice versa. No complex settings, just a seamless transition!

In-Chat Translator: One of the unique features of GBWhatsApp Pro is the ability to translate messages in a language you don’t understand. Simply hover over the message and click the three-dot button to have it translated into your preferred language. It’s a convenient tool for effortless communication with friends from all over the world!

Direct Contact Link: GBWhatsApp Pro offers a simple solution for sharing contact details. Once you reach each contact page, you can obtain their contact API link. You can easily copy and share directly with any contact. Say goodbye to complex procedures for sending contact details. Get ready to be amazed by the ease and efficiency of GBWhatsApp Pro’s direct contact link feature!

Always Online: GBWhatsApp Pro introduces the “Always Online” feature for your convenience. Once enabled, your business clients or important contacts will see you as online on WhatsApp at all times, regardless of whether you’re out with friends or busy working. Stay connected and never miss a message with this valuable feature!

Handy Chat Backup: With GBWhatsApp Pro, backing up your important chats is a breeze – no Google, mail, or other hassle required. Simply click the Backup button, and your chats will be directly saved on your File Manager. When needed, you can conveniently restore them from the same location. Enjoy the ease and efficiency of chat backups with GBWhatsApp Pro!

Ultimate Themes: GBWhatsApp Pro offers a selection of sophisticated themes from their own library. Additionally, you can create your own themes using customization features and save them for a personalized and friendly chatting experience. Explore a world of theme options and unleash your creativity with GBWhatsApp Pro!

Hide Media From Gallery: With GBWhatsApp Pro, you can easily hide confidential pictures and videos received on WhatsApp from your phone’s gallery. Simply enable the Hide Media from Gallery add-on service, and your private media will remain discreetly tucked away. Keep your personal content safe and secure with this user-friendly Mod!

Use Two WhatsApp Accounts: The final feature in our coverage is the ability to use two different WhatsApp accounts on your smartphone – one on the official WhatsApp and the other on GBWhatsApp Pro. Enjoy the convenience of managing multiple accounts with ease using this remarkable feature!

Download GBWhatsApp Pro APK

GBWhatsApp Pro logo

The moment you’ve all been eagerly awaiting has arrived! After thoroughly exploring the amazing features of GBWhatsApp Pro virtually, it’s time to experience the exceptional app’s interface in reality by downloading it. Don’t wait any longer, take the plunge, and immerse yourself in the wonders of GBWhatsApp Pro!

Downloading steps

  • Download GBWhatsApp Pro from the provided link using the Google Chrome Android browser.
  • Open Google Chrome and navigate to Downloads.
  • Tap on the APK file (GBWhatsApp_Pro_17.36.apk).
  • A popup will appear, tap on Install.
    [Note: If prompted, allow Install Apps from Unknown sources.]
  • You’re all set! Enjoy the exciting features of GBWhatsApp Pro.
App NameGBWhatsApp Pro
Size69 MB
Android requirement4.0 and up
License TypeFreeware
Last Updated1 day ago

Whats New in v17.51

Version 17.51
Base update
Fixed Send my location issues
Fixed My location button in map
Fixed Message shedular crash
Fixed Crash when clicking on community
Misc Cleaned up some settings
Misc Other fixes and improvements

Video Tutorial

How to Install GBWhatsApp Pro APK on Android Smartphone

Now that you have the GBWhatsApp Pro APK package file to install it on your smartphone, let’s dive into the installation process. Follow the first step below to get started.

To begin, download the APK package file from the provided link if you haven’t done so already. If you’ve already downloaded it, you can skip this step!

download whatsapp gb pro first step

Once the download is complete, return to your smartphone’s homepage and access the Settings app.

downloading steps image

Within the Settings app, locate and access the Security tab or Privacy protection if you’re using a Xiaomi smartphone.

step 3 of downloading gb whatsapp pro

Afterward, a list of settings will be presented before you.

step 4 of downloading gb whatsapp pro

Among the various settings, click and enable the Unknown Sources or Third Party Installation toggle. For Xiaomi phones, you’ll need to locate and click Special Permissions, and inside there, search for Install Unknown apps to enable.

step 5 of downloading gbwhatsapp

Simply tap and enable the Unknown Sources tab. Alternatively, for Xiaomi phones, click Install Unknown Apps and select your File Manager app to enable app installation.

tap the unknown source lab

Finally, you’re all set to install your favorite WhatsApp Mod on your device. Return to the homepage and open any File Manager app, whether official or third-party.

open file manager

Navigate to the location where you recently downloaded the APK file.

locate apk file

Finally, tap on the icon or name of the APK file. Then select the Install button on the next notification prompt.

installing step of gb whatsapp pro

Wait for a few moments until you see the installation process completed. Now run the app as soon as possible.

That’s it! You’ve successfully installed the GBWhatsApp Pro version 17.51 on your device. Now you’re all set to enjoy all the listed features with a fully personalized app interface. Get ready to fall in love with it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is GBWhatsApp Pro Safe to Use with an official WhatsApp Account?

It’s important to know that GBWhatsApp Pro includes an anti-ban script. It helps prevent getting banned from the official WhatsApp servers. However, your own security should always be your top priority, and you shouldn’t risk it for some additional privileges, right? Be cautious and safeguard your WhatsApp account as well. We recommend using a new WhatsApp account with a new number when using GBWhatsApp Pro. This won’t affect your official account, and you can still enjoy all the fantastic Mod features with a personalized interface.

Additionally, GBWhatsApp Pro has some risky features, such as Mass Message Sender, which will display a caution note before usage. It’s best to use such features sparingly, as using them too frequently might raise concerns with the official WhatsApp servers. Stay secure and enjoy GBWhatsApp Pro responsibly!

Is GBWhatsApp Pro available for iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad?

As of 2024, there is currently no official or modified version of GBWhatsApp Pro available for iOS smartphones. However, developers are working on expanding their offerings. There is a significant possibility that an iOS version may be released in the near future.

If you’re searching for a WhatsApp Mod for your phone’s, don’t browse the internet to avoid encountering irrelevant bugs. Rest assured that we will notify you as soon as the GBWhatsApp Pro Update for iOS becomes available. Stay tuned for further updates!

Why is GB WhatsApp Pro Not Installing?

Multiple issues could potentially hinder the installation of GBWhatsApp Pro. It might involve problems with the app package file being corrupted. Network connectivity issues, storage limitations, or other internal problems on your Android device can also occur.

Based on our extensive testing, we have identified some key points to consider in order to resolve installation problems.

1: One possible issue could be the limited space available on your phone’s storage. You can resolve this problem by uninstalling unnecessary apps, clearing cache data. Delete the photos or videos that are no longer needed. By freeing up space, you can create room for the installation of GBWhatsApp Pro.

2: Once you’ve addressed storage issues, the next step is to check your internet connection. Often, slow internet speed from the router used for downloading GBWhatsApp Pro can lead to a corrupted file download. To avoid this, always download such app packages from a fast and reliable network provider. A stable and robust internet connection will ensure a smooth and successful download.

3: You can check whether Unknown sources are enabled or not on your smartphone. Navigate to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources. If it’s not enabled, simply enable it to allow the installation.

Can GBWhatsApp get banned?

While GBWhatsApp includes anti-ban scripts to prevent bans, it’s essential to prioritize the security of your account. It’s not advisable to risk access to an official WhatsApp account for a few additional features. Instead, consider using a new WhatsApp account with the modified version to ensure both security and functionality.

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