Arabic WhatsApp Gold (Abu Arab) V. 14.00

WhatsApp is the most popular and favorite instant messaging app in the contemporary world. While its official versions are available on the Play Store for Android and the App Store for IOS, and they are continuously updating the application, on the other hand, unofficial versions of WhatsApp have also emerged on the horizon. Third-party developers have developed them and named them as mods apk. Arabic WhatsApp Gold (abu arab) is one of them.

Arabic WhatsApp gold (Abu Arab), as the name shows, is developed for the Arabic community’s interests and needs. This mod is gaining attention among users because of the additional features and functionalities it offers, which aren’t available on the original WhatsApp application. Keep reading to learn more about Golden WhatsApp Abu Arab.

 whatsapp gold abu arab download

What is Arabic WhatsApp gold (Abu Arab)

Arabic WhatsApp Application is designed in Arabic; however, its translation feature can translate into any other language. WhatsApp Gold Abu Arab originates in GB WhatsApp (another WhatsApp mod), and they are almost the same. However, Arabic WhatsApp Gold offers additional features that promote the Arabic culture on this chatting app, with many emojis representing djellabas.

What’s new in the update of WhatsApp Gold Abu Arab, WhatsApp Dahabi Apk

Abu Arab, the developer of WhatsApp Gold Apk, has introduced a new interface to Golden WhatsApp in the latest version, 14.00. This latest version of Arabic WhatsApp Gold against the ban is free of any cost and works smoothly on all Android devices. This version of Arabi Whatsapp Gold has fixed the problem of downloading themes on different devices. It has also solved the issue of delayed messages on some weak devices. Download WhatsApp Gold Apk (Abu Arab) by clicking the link below. DOWNLOAD WHATSAPP GOLD ARABIC 2024.

Features of Arabi WhatsApp Gold (Abu Arab)

Arabic WhatsApp Gold is famous for its enhanced features, privacy options, unlimited themes, and fonts that come with its downloading on phones. Let’s look at the key features distinguishing it from the original WhatsApp and other modified versions.

emojis on whatsapp gold abu arab
emojis on Arabic WhatsApp gold abu Arab

Main features

  1. Golden WhatsApp Arabic can send large media files in one go. You can send and receive more extensive videos, audio, and images than the original WhatsApp without damaging the quality and resolution.
  2. You can send up to 90 images to a group or a single contact.
  3. Arabic WhatsApp gold Apk has a library of themes that users choose according to their preferences. The golden theme is trendy among all.
  4. Drop effect options are available on this version of Arabic WhatsApp gold, and the fall effect option now includes several new shapes. The user can change the effect when scrolling through the conversation up or down.
  5. Many new emojis and fonts are added to the Arabic WhatsApp gold apk.
  6. Hiding online status is one of the most liked features of WhatsApp Gold by Abu Arab.
  7. You will be online, but nobody will see it.
  8. You can also freeze the “last seen” status at a specific time you want to.
  9. If someone mentions you in a group chat, @ will appear on your main screen.
  10. You can schedule your messages to be delivered at a specific time and date if you like.
  11. The auto-reply feature allows you to reply automatically when you are busy.
  12. You can recover the deleted messages and read them.
  13. You can hide the blue tick that is the proof of reading a message, and your contacts will not know it.
  14. Now, you can download the WhatsApp statuses of your friends.
  15. Please feel free to send voice notes on the status in WhatsApp Gold (Abu Arab).
  16. Arabic WhatsApp allows you to send videos longer than 30 seconds as a status.
  17. This version of WhatsApp allows you to forward messages without showing the “forwarded” tag.
  18. Arabic WhatsApp Gold controls the security settings by allowing you to put a password on any chat or entire app.
  19. There’s a built-in airplane feature that (when turned on) blocks the Wi- from WhatsApp Gold only, but it remains functional on the rest of the apps.

How to download Arabic WhatsApp Gold (Abu Arab WhatsApp) on Android?

As mentioned earlier, Arabic WhatsApp gold isn’t available on official app stores. You must search for it on search engines and find a blog/site to get a download link from a third party. We recommend you download WhatsApp Arab Gold latest Apk from our provided link below for a smooth downloading and installation process.

Arabic WhatsApp Gold Download Guide

Here’s our step-by-step guide for downloading the Arabic WhatsApp gold Apk on Android devices. Please read and follow them carefully to download the gold WhatsApp on your phone.

Uninstall and delete the original WhatsApp from your device. Make sure you have had your chat backed up to be rescued later.

Go to phone settings>security>unknown sources and enable them to allow third-party links on your device.

Now click on the “download WhatsApp gold abu Arab” button provided below to start downloading.

Select the downloaded file from your downloads and click on “install.”

The installation will take a minute or two.

When finished, a golden icon of the WhatsApp gold Abu Arab will appear on your main screen.

Enter your phone number to get the activation code and set up your account as you choose.

Use the app and explore its amazing features, then do tell us in the comments section below which feature you like the most and why.


The developer of Arabic WhatsApp Gold has tried hard to keep the app secure and function safely on your devices; however, downloading the mods Apk on your devices is still risky due to the third-party factors. It is wise to download the apps through official stores only. You should always be very well aware of the downsides of any mod Apk you want to install into your device including arabi whatsapp.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can we install Arabic WhatsApp Gold and the official WhatsApp on the same phone together?

Unfortunately, no. You must uninstall the official WhatsApp from your device before downloading the golden WhatsApp Abu Arab.

Is it safe for devices to download and install the WhatsApp mods?

Dating any mod isn’t considered safe because third-party links may carry malware and adware.

How to download Arabic WhatsApp Gold?

Well, scroll up to find the download button and click on it. Don’t forget to read our downloading guide first.

Previous Versions

V8.80 APK

14 December 2020 50MB

V8.75 APK

7 December 2020 51MB

V8.65 APK

5 November 2020 47MB

V8.55 APK

29 0ctober 2020 47MB

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